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Our fancy and delicious 'Happy Bday' Biscuits have been handcrafted by us, using natural and high quality products.

Each of these crunchy cookies contains a total of 8 ingredients, and is sure to have your dog salivating!


Our cookies have been made using peanut butter, egg, flour and water, making them simple but delicious.

They are coated in icing made from cornflour, honey and water, and decorated using carob, a dog-safe treat equalent to chocolate for people.

Why not celebrate your dogs birthday in style with their own dog-friendly birthday treat, and give them something to wag their tails about!

Happy Birthday Biscuit

  • Cookies contain:
    Peanut Butter, Plain Flour, Egg, water.

    Icing contains:
    Cornflour, Honey, Water, and Carob

    Contains: Egg

    Contains 1 cookie

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