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Our drool-worthy Cranberry, Parsley & Turkey cookies have been handcrafted by us, using natural and high quality products.

Each pack of these crunchy cookies contains a total of 5 ingredients, and is sure to have your dog salivating!


Our cookies have been made using real turkey mince, which has been cooked and chopped into fine pieces, providing a high source of lean protein.
Cranberries (containing Fibre, Vitamin C and Magnesium, which is essential in energy production) as well as Parsley (which provides Vitamins A, C and K, Folic Acid which aids in red blood cell production, and promotes fresh breath) and Turkey (a great source of lean protein, which promotes in building healthy muscle mass) make these cookies packed full of essential vitamins needed in a dogs diet, while also being a healthy and delicious treat.


Did you know? - Turkey is a great alternative for dogs who may have sensitivities to beef or chicken based products. 

Cranberry, Parsley & Turkey Dog treats - 140g

  • Cookies contain:
    Cranberries, Parsley, Turkey, Plain Flour, Egg.

    Contains: Egg
    Each pack contains approximately 14 cookies.

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