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Our delicious Chicken, Sage and Thyme cookies have been handcrafted by us, using natural and high quality products.

Each pack of these crunchy cookies contains a total of 5 ingredients, and is sure to have your dog salivating!


Our cookies have been made using fresh chicken necks, which were dehydrated for 48 hours before being blended into crumbs. Chicken (providing a good source of glucosamine aiding in good joint health, and high in protein) as well as Sage (a good source of Vitamins A, E and K, and Calcium which helps promote healthy bone strength) and Thyme (which contains Iron, essential for healthy red blood cell activity, fibre and antioxidants) make these cookies packed full of essential vitamins needed in a dogs diet, while also being a healthy and delicious treat.


Did you know? - Sage contains anti microbial and anti bacterial properties, and has been found to provide minor relief for some gastrointestinal issues.

Chicken, Sage and Thyme Cookie - 140g

  • Cookies contain:

    Egg, Chicken Necks, Plain Flour, Sage, Thyme, Water.

    Contains: Egg

    Each pack contains approximately 18 cookies.

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