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Our drool-inducing Beef, Carrot & Turmeric cookies have been handcrafted by us, using natural and high quality products.

Each pack of these crunchy cookies contains a total of 6 ingredients, and is sure to have your dog salivating!


Our cookies have been made using real beef mince, which has been cooked and chopped into fine pieces, providing a high source of protein.
Beef (containing a high source of protein, important for building healthy muscle, Iron and Selenium), Carrot (which provides a high source of fibre, beta-carotene which assists with the healthy appearance of coats, Vitamin K and Potassium) as well as Turmeric (featuring anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties) make these cookies packed full of essential vitamins needed in a dogs diet, while also being a healthy and delicious treat.


Did you know? - Studies have shown Selenium may positively impact the prevention of a host of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, cancers, thyriod disease and cognitive decline, as well as being essential for the correct function of a dogs metabolism.

Beef, Carrot & Turmeric Dog treats - 140g

  • Cookies contain:
    Beef, Carrot, Turmeric, Plain Flour, Egg, water.

    Contains: Egg
    Each pack contains approximately 14 cookies.

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