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The Great Food Debate...

If there is one thing dog loves can get passionate and hot under the collar about, its their feeding preferences for their dogs!

So often people think that whatever their feeding preference is, that is the only 'good' and 'healthy' diet for dogs, but that is simply not true. Just because you have a raw food diet for your dog, doesn't mean you love you dog any more or are providing any extra nutrients for your dog that other diet types... dogs have lived on canned food diets, homecooked diets, biscuit diets (the list goes on!) for years.

A dogs diet is all about one thing - balance. A balance of all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy diet. This includes a range of things such as fiber, healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals (such as Iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Calcium to name just a few).

Companies that produce canned dog food, and biscuits, have created their ranges to include a majority, if not all, of the essential things a dog needs nutrition wise into their foods. And sure, maybe there are things in some of those foods, like filler products, that our dogs don't need, but dogs can survive, and be healthy on these foods.

Whilst i do opt to raw feed my dogs, there is a lot that goes into that option. I need to make sure i am giving my dogs enough variety to cover of all the essential nutrients because just raw meat alone does not fulfil this need.

My dogs get a range of meats, ranging from Kangaroo mince, Sardines, Offal, Chicken frames, mixed with a range of veggies, egg, and occasionally some yogurt too. My decision for raw feeding was purely based on trying to cut down on grain in one of our dogs diets due to skin issues, with the added benefit of me knowing exactly what goes into their nightly meal.

This is just my feeding preference, and doesn't make raw feeding the right or wrong option. Before this my dogs were on a range of foods - cans, biscuits, dog loaves, homecooked mince, veg and pasta, and they were perfectly fine.

I guess the ultimate point of this blog is to point out that dog diets are largely human preference - and that every diet has their pros and cons.

If you do opt to feed your dog something is isn't commercially made, you need to be aware that whatever it is you do feed your pooch is balanced and contains everything they need.

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